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  1. vishwa_81us

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    Dear All,

    just thought to share the feel of writing software for mobile phones..

    to make it simple i will keep an analogy with PC we use.. just like our PC mobile phones have an OS but this is not like windows XP its wat we call Real time OS.. like vxWorks , embedded linux which becomes essential in real time embedded scenarios.. the processors vary from mobile to mobile.. may be ARM processors or powerPC it depends on mobile company.. the coding is done in C and the OS used for running the compilations and forming the binary executable image is Unix..

    one of the fastest developing areas in telcom industry and esp mobiles is the Multimedia.. as competition is increasing.. but the challenge comes when u need so many features and memory is limited.. so we need to write the code in most optimsed way.. and resources like memory need to be reused...

    just like a normal PC.. we also have a BIOS.. where we can do some bit settings which enable or disable some feature in mobiles.. normally when a phone is released all the features are there.. but depending on marketing strategy some are enabled some disabled.. when u power up a phone.. the bootloader loads the image and the all applications get registered.. all the signalling takes place based on some signalling protocols like SIP..

    explaing more then this will really confuse all of u.. But i wud like to answer ur queries if u have related with mobile phone softwares...

    Vishwa :cool:
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  2. There are so many mobile softwares its just impossible to talk about any. And you should've been specific na... Which brand softwares? EG: Nokia, then which series?
  3. rams+ein

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    Well Nokia smartphones uses Symbian OS and if m not wrong the latest N series uses the Symbian OS 10.x version of the software.

    I got a Motorola E398 which is heavily modified. Infact my phone runs the latest Motorola Synergy v.2.1 OS which comes with the ROKR series of phones. The E398 hardware specs are:

    # Neptune LTS Chip
    # DSP based on Motorola Onyx
    # ATI Imageon 2250 Graphics processor
    # 32MB on-board rewritable FLASH ROM

    The Original E398 had the following general features:

    - Video playback capability
    - MP3 player
    - Stereo surround sound

    My modded E398 has the following features apart frm the above mentioned:

    - Unlimited Video recording
    - iTunes

    So if any1 wanna mod his E398 u can Pm me. :)
  4. akkyy21

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    Anybody coded in J2ME here?
  5. vishwa_81us

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    well well i tried to make it as generic as possible... so that we can discuss the issues which any one is facing with the software.. i mentioned in the thread also that.. OS.. processor etc differ from mobile to mobile.. my aim was to generelise the concepts used in mobile phone softwares..

    as regarding to J2ME coding.. i m not in the JAVA side.. that is basically used for application developement.. i m working in lower layer more close to hardware..
  6. alpha1

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    ^ U work on Ass Language?
  7. vishwa_81us

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    ^^ no not assembly.. just above assembly and just below application u can all it device layer or engine layer... deal with device drivers and such stuffs
  8. UjSen

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    Even if this is not a question related to Cellphone software
    HOW DO SIMCARDS WORK??(Detailed pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee cuse i wanna knoe egjactly hoe they work)
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    hey people...this is my first post. well i am using an ngage ( NOKIA ) . can u provide a platform for my phone through which i can install themes on it the same way as it is done in a 6600 or other higher phones. ??? wud be grateful for the help

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