The Weaker Mind

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    Hope my message is quite clear.. i've not tried rhyming unnecessarily, it takes away the taste!

    To them, we ask, where we are;
    outside our homes, we search; So blinded
    in the faith of a hundred lies, woven together;
    which, in our thoughts hides so treachorously.

    But for a mighty sun, the world at large
    does'nt see the fiction in the eyes of the rose.
    It slays the stranger like the hideous wolf,
    and dresses itself in a saintly pose.

    Few in the world become who they are,
    in this shining facade of destruction.
    And a million years passed by,
    but the rays still fall oblique.
    To the eyes of the sacred child,
    the world's still a slumber.
    And a race of warring heads,
    takes no time to ponder.

    This the truth of the holy land;
    This, the light of the kingdom.
    People who fail to learn from themselves,
    no sermons can teach.

    And the truth will happen again,
    and we, like mortals, shall remain
    into the night ruling our minds
    from the dusk to the dawn,
    from the light of the day, withdrawn;
    Trapped forever, in the darkness of the spawn.
  2. I couldnt understand the very clear message ...I'm to explain..??
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    its a drastic transformation from your earlier posts.... almost unbelievable

    Please explain the audience about your observation of this piece.
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    I guess u already know, still, here I go:

    The first 2 paras say 2 things.. it depicts dhongi babas n the like who commit their sins in guise.. but we're always the wrong 'uns.. we have intelligence, light, but we seek it outside, from people who are not worthy.
    3rd one takes on us, we grew up learning so much, that we lost the simplicity of children, the love; and mask ourselves into this unseen creature that no light can ever see
    4: we say the kingdom of heaven will come, so we destroy our home as if it is'nt ours; so the world destroys us as if we arent hers. This, we should learn by dwelling into ourselves, no matter how many sermons we attend, listen to, its NO use.

    5: I, but, offer my own opinion in the end. I daresay that the kingdom of heaven, if, will come; we like the waiting souls drenched in the grime of our deeds will not be allowed inside to make another world filthy.

    We, will remain, where we'd begun, until we change, until we care.
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    Ahh..actully i do take to these things often!
  6. This was cool.........:p.........
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    its awesome man, how do u think of such things?
    n u explained it very nicely.. i had difficulty getting it

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