The Walking Dead

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    I've had the phrase the walking dead in my head since watching the walking dead a couple days ago.
    its finally back! this is just something I put together doesn't really have anything to do with the show other than the zombie aspect but yeah enjoy or dont... so yeah =]

    I am the walking dead
    I don't remember the last tears i shed
    Its been so long since anything has been real
    I don't even know
    what it means to feel

    to feel love
    to feel light
    to feel fun
    to feel fright
    to touch someone and know they're really there
    to know what it is to care

    Ive never been loved
    I've never been hugged

    All my body knows
    are these bruises
    And all the pain my being oozes

    All I know is nothing
    nothing and nowhere
    Being but not being
    Having eyes but not seeing
    Having ears with nothing to hear
    with no heart
    there lies no fear

    just the motions of a shell
    lost deep in ones own mind
    in ones own hell...
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    your poems are deep .. i dont know how many will understand but to me they llook very ...waht do they say ...familiar ..its been a while that i read such stuff talking about people who keep on giving lesser and lesser damm ,,and damm one day noting damm matters .. as u said no heart no fear, no one close not even me my dear !!

    Lets see if i have enough to repp u :D

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