The use of Power Chords

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  1. AvikShee

    AvikShee New Member

    Guys ,

    Help me out with this.....I am new Hope for ur help....

    Maybe kono chena gaane power chords'er use (jeeman ACid or Bicycle chor)

    Sugata ..........................I like your stuff

    Moody Winter,
  2. AniK666

    AniK666 New Member

    wat exactly is it dat u want bro?
  3. mimoban

    mimoban New Member

    satotar bilasita gantay power chord use hoyeche
  4. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Guitar power chords are used extensively in all forms of rock music. They consist only of the 1, 5 and possibly another 1 an octave higher. Power chords are in fact the 2 or 3 bottom strings of guitar bar chords, but they are much easier to play compared to bar chords.
    Most of the time power chords are used with distortion,Overdrive amp2 type of sound.
    I think it will help u.

    power chord of A:


    power chord of B:


    power chord of C:


    and so on take the 1st and 5th note of a scale and the power chords name would be same as 1st note.
  5. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Sototar bilasita kano emon lakho gaan aache jekhane power chords use hoyeche....
  6. mimoban

    mimoban New Member

    ya most hard rock ganei power chords used hoy.ronnie 2to stringe power chord bajiyecho,mostly jekono chorder barred shaper prothom tinte string nie power chord bajano hoy,hope u can understand
  7. myview009

    myview009 New Member

    Hoy....but E & A strings er power chords bajano hoy....karon or frequency besi damp thake..r Drop tuninig jano ki jani na ota te power chord basically E & A strings e bajano hoy.....hope u understand....
  8. mimoban

    mimoban New Member

    hmm seto bajano hoy obosshoi tacharao arekta funda erokom ache je besirbhag chordsei to 3 te different notes thake(major ar minorer khetre)oibarred shape-e bodhoy oi 1st 3te stringer note alada alada thake,tai bajano hoy

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