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Discussion in 'Computer Forum' started by har1s, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. har1s

    har1s <b>Untitled</b> i guess u all got a cell ?...well it goes like this... in this thread...just talk abt n e thin realted to mobile fones n stuff...ppl here might even share mobile fone softwares, games, video clips, ringtones etc.. (If the mods allow)...n yea...dont forget to mention ur mobile fone model and make... so i start with myself...
    i got a Nokia 3660... hmmm plannin to buy an N70...
  2. zoomingrocket

    zoomingrocket TeChNiCaL AdMiNiStRaToR

    ^^^Please do not upload any copyrighted games, videos, ringtones, etc on IGT!
    U can discuss regarding various stuff related to mobile...but no software exchange is allowed here..

    Keep this in mind..

  3. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    well i got a Nokia 7610.. not really very good.. but its good when its free
  4. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God

    I got a sony erricsson w800i ..... :rock:
  5. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    Ditto.... :)
    and i love it..........
    the new nokias suck..big time
    the N series is just ok.....and over priced
    N90 is the most horrific phone of em all....imagine a phone with no vibrator.....and carl zeiss is just a label.....w800/k750 have better cams
    N70 has had rave reviews..but it all boils down to one u really need all the support which N70 provides and the say added perks like video call etc..
    i still dont see video call happening for another year or too....coz even if the service providers are compatible....not everyone is gonna have a phone which supports videocall
    and is 1.92 MP no autofocus.....
    dunno if the cell comes with a handsfree.....
  6. i also got a w800i :) rawks
    dad forced me to buy an imate.... but its too big 4 me. i was bout 2 buy n70 but compared 2 w800i its sh!t
  7. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    Same here, w800i mobile phone just rocks!
  8. akkyy21

    akkyy21 #%@!$&

    Nokia 6600 jindabaad!!
  9. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C topic but cool avatar............

    and welcome aboard the w800i express......after i got it ...5 more people got it in my college/hospital..
    w800i rocks......:rock:
  10. faiqrock

    faiqrock XaiQ

    Well i got 7610 nokia
    its nice:)rizaaj....
  11. vishwa_81us

    vishwa_81us Banned

    Motorola V3 Razr..
  12. the_wizard

    the_wizard Omega == God


    w800i rawks.....
  13. abhimanjrekar

    abhimanjrekar ----&gt; Zhol-Man&lt;----

    i had a sadela samsung ka phone....i damaged mom was so angry she got me a LG RD is to more sadela than the cam,no rec,nothing..........**sobs**

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