The Singing River

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    Another musing from my hopeful 2nd manuscript in the making.

    The Singing River

    There's an old singing river that flows by my door
    Each morning I wake and hear its tender song
    As the water gently flows from the hills far away
    Every bird in the valley, every heart sings along

    There's peace in the valley each hour of the day
    Oh, serenity dwells while the blue-sky glows
    The folks in the eve when sitting by the fire
    They sing old songs while the cold wind blows

    It wasn't long ago when I was a child
    I'd climb up these hills to the sky
    Growing with the pines, sailing in the river
    Here's where I'll live till the day I die

    Sometimes I wonder about life in the city
    Way they live every day and night
    But, I'll stay around in the green of my valley
    Growing with the mountains so warm and bright

    Though I have had my share of losing times
    When tears don't stop and words are few
    Down by the shores of the sweet singing river
    I've found faith in the early morning dew

    Sometimes I lay just listening in the night
    As the raindrops fall on my window pane
    Like the night bird sings the last song of dusk
    While the moon stands still in old lovers' lane

    So here's to these hills and here's to the river
    Here's to the winds that hold me tight
    Oh Himalayas, I sing just for thee
    Show me the path of evergreen light.

    Gautam Dhar
    11 October 2005
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  2. BubblyMartini

    BubblyMartini !!!HAWM

    i'd like a copy of your book. :eek:)

    dont wanna sound filmy
    but i can get the "mitti ki khushbu" in your poems..
    and the longing to go back is evident

    well written
    i liked it..
  3. folkpoet80

    folkpoet80 New Member

    Thanks mate!!
  4. #iR@


    Nice Work! :)
  5. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    mast hai biduu.....all ur poems r a bit maska laga ke kinda of ankhee fisal jati hain swiftly...
  6. Hell'n Wheels

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    I know nothing of India ecxept what I've read in books or what I've gleaned from snatches of conversation I've had with people from there. Your words make me long to see it. And I do comprehend the longing for a home & way of life you fear may be disappearing, never to be returned to,because it is no longer there.
  7. folkpoet80

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    Thanks iR. Madhuresh, kya bol rela hai bandhu?

    Wheels, thanks! I wrote it as an ode to the Great Himalayas! The unmatched theme..
  8. zoomingrocket

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    Good one...
    Nice carry of theme throughout the poem...
    Keep writing!


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