The simplest method to tab songs for guitar

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  1. blueguitarist

    blueguitarist New Member

    Dear All,
    Here are our conventional Tabs

    It takes five lines to tab just five odd notes....
    And Now try to read the same notes here....


    In 1-5, 1 refers to the no. of string and 5 refers to the no. of fret....

    This method not only savs time but also the simplest to understand and read.
    The method is developed by Mr. Ravi Ponkshe , a guitarist from Dombivali maharashtra....originally it is in base and index form .I have further simplified it to suit IGT requirements.
    you can even make it easier by using the name of the string instead of No.
    then he same thing will be
    the first "E" has been kept in lower case....
    So ......................
    Do you like it?????????????
    If yes then credit goes to Mr. Ravi Ponkshe if no then the culprit is me.......
    Your comments please......
    and yes.......the mehod is copy right ptotected........
    keep rocking
  2. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    u pasted it here as well? comments>> Mr. Ravi Ponkshe will convince rest of the world to start using it?
    this 123456 method is surely good for newbies who dont understand, and they would even be able to grasp it readily but tabs r here to stay coz this format is more visual,playable,recognizable,unequivocal for everyone / those who dont understand staff notations!

    copyright protected?? my goodness...didnt know people use IPRs for such petty and already known
  3. sixstringsin

    sixstringsin ||||||

    :annoyed: reminds me of matrices in maths. I hate them!!
  4. CrYpTiC_angel

    CrYpTiC_angel Rebelle!

    huh? i thought i already posted a reply here...

    anyway, what i said was

    "what crap?! ur gonna have to rack ur brains to actually play these tabs"
  5. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    ohhhh did u just said: The Simplest Method To Tab Songs For Guitar!! i guess lot of us arent really want to be agree with that....

    anyways as far as i am concerned.........well i just think its simply crap

    conventional tabs. are easy to understand quick to pickup and easy to rock:)
  6. atihska

    atihska New Member

    i need aasman ke par guitar chords or tabs.. i can't find it ANYWHERe!!

    i want it very very badly.. plz send if you can (
  7. Glass

    Glass New Member

    Will need 2 practice my eyes 4 tht!! :))
  8. iprakash

    iprakash Proud IGTian

    Reminds me of Ramal Pillai & hey there's more of the same stuff here!
  9. gpt

    gpt New Member

    copyright ? yeah right , im sure the only time this method is gonna be used is in ur post ...... which u hav done twice.. now u can take urself to court and sue urself for copying your own post/method whtevr
    im sure u urself are this ravi ponkshe guy or mayb he's ur imaginary friend

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