The Silent Echoes

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    The Silent Echoes

    As a child, I used to walk alone
    From sunrise until the sun had set
    I used to walk along the river side
    Tracing its birth to the mountains high
    I felt the pain of my weariness
    And the rain did fail to change my road

    Me and my shadow were best friends (back) then
    I didn't know anyone who could help me win
    My childhood walks keep coming back to me
    A little vague, but its so clear to see
    A lonely boy, I had no friends! I had no help!
    To help me fight my fears back then.

    I kept on going on roads I didn't know
    I kept on going though I wished to go home
    What was the secret I had tried to find?
    It was the secret I have failed to find!

    The river of joy, I used to call it once
    I knew it well though I could not swim
    Looking at the stars on the water clear
    Holding the invisible hands of no one there
    I saw the magic of the time and day
    It was a magic that would never cease


    The mountains still stand tall in my dreams
    I looked at the hills for hours unceasing
    Look at me now, I still am dreaming on
    The boy I once was, is now long gone
    Yet I know that I would love to run
    Runnin along the rivers that I used to once

  2. DesiPride143

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    very guyz have been posting u have mp3 of them..if you do please send them to me
  3. tejas

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    Wasn't this one called something else?? I remember u posted it in that other thread long back.
  4. esgallindeion

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    Ya, renamed it... no other changes.
  5. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    No, I don't have any mp3 for this song... sorry...
  6. maverick8218

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    At first glance, i couldn't get the connection between the poem and the title, but i think by echoes you mean the memories that keep coming back to the narrator. Nice Song...

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