the Shadow War

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  1. silent_dragon

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    The Hallway to our destiny
    leads to just one door.
    To get there we strived together.
    We the unfortunate.....
    Darkness spoke,shadows creeped
    The shadows which none calleth forth to see.

    Ablaze, when we came to the doom,
    Ablaze went he,..........
    the master of shadows has risen!!!!......
    We fought to reached the destined doorway.
    But no! he was to quick.Compelled to stop,
    we glared, dared not move.

    Then the wise one stepped forward.We beheld
    the fire of sacrifice in his eyes.I tried to
    stop him but no,no answer.He with his courage
    stood and fought.But he was weak, I saw it
    hidden in those eyes.I could bear no longer,
    caught him by the arm, brought him back.

    Now it was the wise one's turn to stop me,
    but neither did I answer nor turned back.
    Drew my sword and stood before the master
    of shadows.His vision showed the deep evil
    in him.I fought,HOW?..I knew not.My strength
    grew in me, but so did his...

    Then, the unthinkable, we feel amidst one
    another in to the great pit of death.But,I too
    grasped my sword, held it,pierced him, my enemy,
    through his heart.We fell and he separated to another
    way and I was left alone.Then, at last my relief and
    my pain both got hold of me when my head touched the
    cold floor.....

    My eyes slowly dimmed,never to wink, snow fell on me.
    There I lay for times unknown,but it passed, mankind
    flourished and so did many other.....
    Now, I have risen again from my deep slumber, my weary
    nights of non-existence and am before you, just to realise
    that he too..........has risen!!!!........
  2. rev

    rev New Member

    Let me take a guess, Gandalf on the bridge of Khazad-dum facing the Balrog? Tolkien would have been proud of you for translating his prose into poetry. It's nicely done and I quite liked it, but to one who has not read LOTR, this may seem a trifle tight. Though of course it's not as Tolkien has written and quite originally yours....Next time I want to read a poem on a more relatable topic.
  3. esgallindeion

    esgallindeion Minstrel Knight

    ya, its different from lotr, rev... the idea is somewhat similar, but there's also the originality towards the end... "he too has risen" is nice... but the dots don't fit.

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