the rat race

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    i ain't gonna gonna keep up d pace
    i ain't gonna bend down..not even for dat open shoe lace
    its killin me inside bt i'd steill keep dat ****in smile on my ****in face
    its been going on now for a million days
    i ain't gonna die gonna find out d ways
    i gotta win..though i got no foundatn..ain't got no base
    even when the sun goes down with all its bright rays
    the moon comes along and on the sky it plays
    i ain't gonna be like others...i ain't gonna stop and laze finally got the picture .. i ain't stoppin for gonna keep up that pace
    even when the world shuts its damn doors in my face
    i won't swear..i won't fear..ill just keep up the wear and tear..ill show em..when i reach the end of the race
    V I C T O R I O U S ...!
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    @Nandy - Smart enough :) .. good one
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    thnk u... :D
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