The ones who thought they'd make it

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    Let me tell you of the story
    Of the ones who thought they’d make it
    But then they had to go and break everything
    They left each other stranded
    On the little island inside their heads
    With nothing to hold onto
    Except the dream that one day they’d be free
    From their minds they let become their enemies

    They started out fine but love is so blind
    They caused each other pain but they were both in denial
    He knew all the right things to say
    And she knew all the ways to make him stay

    everyday would end in a fight
    Then in bed they'd pretend it was all alright
    But the feelings never went away
    In their hearts is where they'd stay

    After 5 years they both started to crack
    The wedding came and went and there was no going back
    They couldn’t face themselves let alone each other
    He turned to jack and she turned to his brother

    The fighting grew less and the silences stretched
    With only sounds of her moaning and him as he retched
    When the night came they’d lie side by side
    She’d cry in her pilow, he’d roll over and sigh
    As more time passed they grew farther apart
    He was out until morning she was alone in the dark
    They’d attempt to make it work but it ended in fights
    He’d call her bluff and she’d leave for the night

    A last ditch attempt had them trading places
    She spent her mornings in the sink he spent his nights chasing faces
    9 months later saw her screaming in pain
    While he hit up the bars nothing had changed

    10 years later and they’re still together
    They had a little girl and they named her Heather
    Every time he saw her he wanted to cry
    When he looked at her face those weren't his eyes

    After she was born her mother checked out
    She would sit there in silence as he started to shout
    As the child grew older they both grew to resent her
    She hated her smile and she fueled his temper
  2. Simple words convying the deeper meanings ...neat ...very neat !!

    if you are planning tpo make a song out of it its sure a piece to be tried...i love the subjects that you write on ..very very well written

    its a treat to read u
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