The Night

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    If u get a night, a dream, a getaway! How'd u like it?

    A rest for the night, dreamy, starry night,
    and long ahead, starts 'nother day.
    Together we find, subjects for mysteries,
    we fight for the one that keeps us away
    from lives of hopelessness,
    and frigid tribulations.
    From falsehoods of governments,
    and imposed regulations.

    With tombs filled in parchments,
    we lay our lives in;
    no days for gripping ventures,
    no time for friends and likings.

    A day, then, we grow old,
    and how, we feel, we live in misery;
    Its too late, now, and we start to think,
    how it all could have been:
    A day that starts by the sea,
    ascending higher peaks in the way;
    Then rest for the night, the dreamy, starry night,
    and long ahead, starts yet another day.
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    good composition horsemouth, you can write a sequel to it

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