The new Batman movie?

Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by henrynh, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    So the second most awaited film of the year by comic fans. Anyone excited about the The Dark Knight Rises?

    I'm not really sure if I'm excited to watch it, monsoon season blows in my part of the country.
    Avengers was fun though :cool:
  2. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    I am not a superhero or sci fi fan, neither am I interested in comics...

    But I'll watch this movie because of Christopher Nolan's brilliant direction...
    Each of his films have left me spellbound... Memento, Inception, the Batman films, Insomnia, all were masterpieces..

    Batman Begins and the Dark Knight were the only two superhero films I really loved apart from Iron Man films...
  3. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    Exactly, the guy's a genius. It takes a while to get to see a film released with him working on it, but they sure are worth the wait.
    On the same note, still wondering what the true ending to the movie Inception was, I wonder if something similar happens with this batman movie since it's the last batman movie he's willing to work on.
  4. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    And what about the Music of Hans Zimmer? His music score for this franchise is absolutely brilliant.(*respect*)
  5. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    That too. Didn't he work on the Inception movie's OST too?
  6. jimihndrx

    jimihndrx Guitar Hero

    Yes.. He did.
  7. henrynh

    henrynh New Member

    So, eventually couldn't resist the urge & went to see the movie.

    It was fun, quite entertaining.


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