the new album:: Boondh-jal

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  1. utkarshprabhat

    utkarshprabhat New Member

    This is the thread to discuss the new album by JAL

    if u havnt heard the songs u can download them thru ARES or download via internet............if u face a problem tell me i'll mail u the songs......
  2. utkarshprabhat

    utkarshprabhat New Member

    and yeah i also would like some person to tell us the tabs and chords of the songs ..............mainly"o sathi re" and "humain itna pyar"
  3. Sushil Kumar KC

    Sushil Kumar KC New Member

    Can U plz send me the chords of WON LAMHE OF jal band
  4. VIN91

    VIN91 New Member

    the album is good .........i lykd humein itna pyaar,payal,sajni
    but wen is it releasing in India?????
    search the forums u'll find it....
  5. rudrarocks

    rudrarocks New Member

    hamain itna pyar, mast are good are preety ok...

    well i wish if i can tab hamain itna pyar...

    that's really nice..

    piya is a good jal typed song..

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