The most stolen object in Mumbai

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    A staggering 1,500 manhole covers — costing a cool Rs 75,00,000 — get stolen in Mumbai every year. And these are conservative estimates, the real figure could easily be double this. But more interestingly, rarely, if ever, any arrests are made in connection with these thefts.

    The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officers are required to lodge a complaint for every manhole cover theft with the concerned police station.

    They must attach a copy of this police complaint with the requisition for a replacement cover. Thousands of such complaints are now lying with the police but the detection rate is close to zero.

    The corporation has tried everything to prevent these thefts from chaining the manhole covers to the concrete inside, to covering them entirely with cement concrete but to no avail.
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    Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!

    people tekth and fall into ith

    heard man in the box and now mumbai in holes
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    nice article neo , i ve heard about it before also , its a big business in india and other places i guess - the damn thing is made of iron and if you see india's import of scraps from worldwide you ll be amazed !!!

    it can be a scam of the industries who melt the thing to make their own finish products , this will be the cheapest raw material available for them as they would be buying at per kg terms or something like that !!! nice info anyways ....
  4. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned dis article in todays paper....really sad...heard a lot of dis has been happenin near powai and areas...

    basically the companies who buy this stuff melt the lid and use it to mould other steel stuff...
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    hah i already read that article today morning!:p:
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    ooo .. i think music get stolen often coz music directors lik anu mallick is there :p:
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    :p:....^^lolz...I'd laugh at Mr. 7miles'
    anway, manholes??..Sh|t..what happened to mumbai yaar??..Not expected thiz !!
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    ^whats your siggy?? looks like ducks swimming!
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    lolz..yes.....DUCKs SWIMMIng In my SigGY....I am working on it since evening..:)
    Hope you guys understand it..:p:
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    it looks crap
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    cypher when are we having polls on .:k:. for MOD?
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    even if we wont last for long
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    yeah .. .there was one thread created on firday ... it was somethign like ...

    dedicated to all the spammers ... needless to say that first post was the last post ... n doc closed the threas :phbbt:

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