The monsters under my bed

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    poem/lyrics possibly I started this one with this quote in mind "we stopped checking for monsters under our beds when we realized they were inside of us" and i just went with it

    I stopped checking for monsters
    Well after the age of three
    When my mother yelled at me and said
    They were only make believe

    But still I lay awake at night
    Trying to break free
    From all the monsters
    I realized are inside me

    It took so long to recognize
    And a lifetime to admit
    The true monsters are the parts of me
    I wish did not exist

    Every time they break loose
    I separate myself
    My only saving grace is
    becoming someone else

    Every time it happens
    It’s exactly the same
    Its like there's a switch
    Inside my brain

    And it’s the only thing standing
    between me and everyone else
    Protecting them from the evil parts
    That haunt myself

    And until it gets flicked
    Im in agonizing pain
    throb throb flick flick
    and it all becomes a blur
    until my conscious is regained

    I wake up covered in
    blood tears and shame
    not knowing why
    left with the bitter taste of agony
    from all the people
    I made cry

    watching through their empty eyes
    as all emotions and feelings die
    as fear is replaced with relief
    only the living are filled with grief
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    very neatly expressed ..kuddos !!

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