The Masterpiece

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  1. horsesmouth

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    no deep meanings..........just a soft poetic thingie......

    Lived an old man in a lonely place,
    recounting numbly his countless days.
    Laughed in the hut beside the sea,
    head bowed, cried beneath the trees.

    He made a picture of a song he knew,
    of the morning sun and the melting dew.
    A stroke of the hand and the birds so living,
    fed their young into their eager mouths.
    Another, and the clouds in the sky,
    bring the rains of cold delight;
    Till the earth is damped to the core,
    and the journey calls to come ashore.

    So what if you're alone,
    you've a delightful company.
    Together they make a lovely sight,
    they sing in the sweetest symphony.

    And why don't you join the song?
    They call from the mountains,
    and sing in the forest.
    They're none, but your friends.
    There they are, looking for you,
    and you're hiding between the trees!
    Its just a plain old canvas,
    But your mind, my dear, is a masterpiece.
  2. good lines

    keep posting
  3. suprita

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    okay,dis one's really nyc...
    ppl shud read it...
  4. horsesmouth

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    ooo thanks dear...
    ol' un, I remember I was offshore tht time...quite disturbing days...
  5. nandy0894

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    amazing....!!!! :)
  6. walk_alone

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    pretty good, nicely captured
  7. horsesmouth

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    @nandy and walkalone
    thks thanks!

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