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    To cut a long story is how it is:

    The 12 notes in music in order of appearance is like this:


    Now, as we all know there is NO E# and NO B#.

    Now all the notes of a scale are placed at certain INTERVALS.

    The distance from C to C# is a half step (h)
    The distance from C to D is a whole step (W)

    And likewise for all the other notes too.

    C D E F G A B C

    This is our good old C Major scale. And now from the ASSUMED C Major scale, let's derive a major scale formula.

    C D E F G A B C
    W W h W W W h

    WWhWWWh-whole whole half whole whole whole half

    Memorize this correctly and permanently!!

    Now from this formula we can derive ANY major scale! Ummm let's take E Major....

    'E' take a WHOLE step from E...let's see..E to F is a half step...because there is not E#, the immediate next note is F (Look at the 12 notes above). We need a WHOLE step from let's go one more half step ahead...that's F#. Right?

    E F#

    Now again a whole step from F#. Hey, you see that a whole step=2 half steps?? G to G#

    E F# G#
    W W h

    Now a half step from G# is the IMMEDIATE next note, A.
    Like this...step-by-step (literally!) we build the E Major scale like this:

    E F# G# A B C# D# E

    Now as a RULE, also remember that "Every chord is derived from it's respective scale"

    What does that mean? Let's give each 'degree' of the scale a number....

    C D E F G A B C

    and so on

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
    C D E F G A B C

    Now time for some more formulae:

    Major chord= 1-3-5

    If we want a C Major chord...we first will write down the C Major scale. Then we use the Major Chord formula 1-3-5.

    That's it! C-E-G is C Major. That was too easy!!

    How about Cmb5 (pronounced as C minor flat five)?


    So, we have C-Eb-Gb

    Let's try to derive Cadd9

    Where is the 9th note???? Let's see...

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
    C D E F G A B C D E F G A B C

    Wow! That's just the same scale written in an increasing order of the frequency. These are two octaves. So, the 9th note of a scale is actually the 2nd note, played HIGHER on the octave, get it?



    All the examples were given in the scale of C for simplicity. I would recommend doing the same kind of study with all the 12 scales.

    I hope this lesson could be of help!

    Suggestions and recommendations are welcome
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    Really good
    easy for starters
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    hey ad,thx a lot...............
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    ad,can u give an example for a minor as well as suspended..i got the major though im gettin confused in the above 2....
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    Suspended Chord=1-4-5

    Minor chord=1-b3-5

    Now, try to find out the chords on your own....
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    oki..i guess ther r formulaes like these for susp,augm,dimi....thx...
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    Major I - III - V
    Major 6 I - III - V - VI
    Major 6 add 9 I - III - V - VI - IX
    Major 7 I - III - V - VII
    Major 9 I - III - V - VII - IX
    Dominant 7 I - III - V - bVII
    Dominant 7b10 I - III - V - bVII - bX
    Dominant 7 aug 5 I - III - #V - bVII
    Dominant 7 sus 4 I - IV - V - bVII
    Dominant 9 I - III - V - bVII - IX
    Dominant 9 sus 4 I - IV - V - bVII - IX
    Dominant 9 sus 4 I - IV - V - bVII - IX
    Dominant 11 I - III - V - bVII - IX - XI
    Dominant 13 I - III - V - bVII - IX - XI - XIII
    Augmented I - III - #V
    Minor I - bIII - V
    Minor 6 I - bIII - V - VI
    Minor 7 I - bIII - V - bVII
    Minor 7 Flat 5 I - bIII - bV - bVII
    Diminished I - bIII - bV
    Diminished 7 I - bIII - bV - VI
    Suspended 4 I - IV - V
    Suspended 2 I - II - V
    Add 9 I - III - V - IX
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    hell of info ambush...thx..
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    awesome stuff thanx

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