The Light Above and the Darkness Below

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    So I'm just back from a fascinating Light show (its gudipadwa, maharashtrian new year), and could'nt help wondering 'bout these lines...especially the last para...have a look...

    A thousand eyes watched in bewilderment,
    as flames tore the night apart;
    Brightness engulfed the moon, the stars,
    to hide their open scars.

    Eyes closed as the crackers went boom,
    Tearing at the nightly air.
    As people watched in awe and fear,
    the light could'nt hide their scare.

    A million sparks flew off flamed gunpowder,
    wonder what other things it can do.
    The people are glad its far away,
    aware of its capabilities.

    But brightness is only far above,
    I could'nt see a face below;
    Only the flames show us whats up high,
    and as they come down as hot embers,
    they touch one and get only a painful cry.
  2. one seem to be a pro
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    hehe thanks, so u'll accept me in your league? rather close behind....
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    you're certainly in the top league dude!.....
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    yea, u're 'awesome'
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  8. sad but true !!
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