the less known station

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    I will open a tea stall
    at this less known station
    almost all for-go
    only one or two trains stop here
    very few board down and walk to the village far
    long stretches of nothingness but green and clouds
    winds can drag u further than u can see
    very few will come to my shop
    fewer will ask for a tea
    You may ask "Why here.."
    to that I say
    I want to do something which none would
    I will do it for the beauty of this place
    So that people start coming to this place
    taste my tea, taste the view, taste my taste
    savour enjoy the serenity of this god forgiven heaven
    you may call me a fool
    you may call me a dreamer
    you at-least will remember me
    as someone known
    cause of the less known station

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