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    GANPAT-RAI , a Bihari ,(who really needs a job) is being interviewed by British, Colonel Smith

    Col Smith: Haan toh Gaand Fat rahai (Ganpat-Rai)!!
    Bihari: Nahi sir, jyada nahi!!
    Col. Smith: Kya 'jyada nahi' bolta hai, tumhara application me likha Hua hai - Gand fat rahai.
    Bihari : Theekh hai mai baap, likha hai to fat raha hoga.
    Col. Smith: Tum Daily marata hai (tum delhi me rahta hai)??
    Bihari : Nahi sir, kabhi kabhi!!
    Col. Smith: Gand fatrahai, idhar aaoo, kya 'kabhi kabhi' bolta hai?Tumhara application mein likha hua hai ki tum Daily marata hai.
    Bihari : Theek hai mai bap, likha hai to marata honga.
    The Bihari was employed on one condition that he will do whatever Col.Smith's family asks him to do.
    Col. Smith: Gand fatrahai!!
    Ganpatrai : Ji maalik.
    Col. Smith: Aaj tum ko 3 kaam karnee kaa haai
    Ganpatrai : Hukum Sarkaar
    Col. Smith: Tum pehla hamaari beti ko chodenga (drop her off)... baad mein hamaari biwi ko chodenga... aur uske baad mein hum ko chodenga.
    Ganpatrai : Maaf karna Sarkaar, tumhari biwi aur beti to theek hai,lekin main aap ko nahi choddh sakta.
    Col.Smith: Gand fatrahai! Tum ko hum ko chodnaa padhega.
    Ganpatrai : Nahi sarkaar aisa zulum naa kare.
    Col. Smith: Gand fatrahai, agar tum hum ko nahi chod sakta to hum tumko nokri se nikaal denga.
    Ganpatrai : Theek hai sarkaar hukum.
    After a few days there is no one except Col.Smith's wife at home. She is alone in her bedroom. While wearing her bra she is unable to Tie the knot behind.So......
    Wife: Gand fatrahai, idhar aaoo?
    Ganpatrai : Ji Maalkin.
    Wife: Gand fatrahai, hammara peeche se gaand maaro (gaanth maro-tie the bra knot).
    Ganpatrai : Yeh kya keh rahi hai Maalkin??
    Wife: Gand fatrahai, jaldi se gaand maaro hum ko late hota hai.
    Ganpatrai : Nahi Nahi Maalkin. Agar maine aisa kiya to hum ko sarkar kacha kha jayenge.
    Wife: Gand fatrahai, agar tumne jaldi se hamari gaand nahi maari to hum tumko kacha kha jaayengi.
    Ganpatrai : Theek hai maalkin. Jo hukum.
    Ganpatrai who has been frustrated by these Brits for a long time starts like a bull.
    Panic stricken the wife tries to turn and shouts:
    Gandatrai :Memsaab...Gaand maarega to Gaand to phatega.
  2. zicky5608

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    lmao nice one dude...creativity O_O
  3. felix.ragav

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    dont understand a bit excep gaand fat rai!
  4. nazr

    nazr angel is my genital..

    Dada kondke would be so pleased.
  5. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    who is dada kondke
  6. zicky5608

    zicky5608 Power Shortage

    I think Shivaji's guru or somethn...but i dunno wat this gotta do wiv him...
  7. jamhead

    jamhead Unknown Legend

    i got the connection

  8. zicky5608

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    Hmm...*thinks hard*
  9. i'm_not_neo

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    lol man...

    The one you're referring to is Dada Kondadev..honest mistake,I know..but funny..can't imagine Dada Kondke training Shivaji..thanx for the laughs man..:RollLol:
  10. i'm_not_neo

    i'm_not_neo el valor máximo absoluto

    @joke...a bit too vulgar..:NoTalk:
  11. zicky5608

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    who cares...

    lmao i had no idea ; now i get it...*laughs at self*
  12. i lol'd

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