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    The Incomplete Love

    Fragments of a letter never written to you…

    Help me to find the strength
    to invent a face that is not yours,
    a love that I should love
    like I have loved you...
    A love to be caressed and
    that won’t leave bitterness in my soul.

    The memory of your smiles at dawn…
    Is there greater torment, in my solitary nights,
    than to realize that there’s someone else
    than me awakening you in the morning?

    To cancel you from my mind, to hate you?
    To forget...? No one can forget.
    A love like this isn't forgettable.
    Today I have a heart full of sadness
    and hands full of tenderness to give you.

    I like to think that in the air that I breathe
    there is also your breath.
    But no…it’s not true, it’s unbelievable
    that amongst us there remains nothing more.
    I still love you, today as yesterday,
    and up to the very last sunset…

    To think that we were about
    to find each other again...
    We had been two steps away from the sky.
    What a pity…
    We have not seen of what colour it was.
    And now goodbye, my love.

    A kiss, a smile, a flower, for the last time.


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    u have great power of description with using right words..

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