The importance of being idle - Oasis

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  1. kaush

    kaush New Member

    This is the song - The importance of being idle, by Oasis..
    The cover of the song has a lot of energy and is jocund inspite of its gratifying inactivity..
    I hear it a lot of times and it is one of the best works of Oasis till date...
    I cannot even think of recreating the jovial ambience of the song, but i have made a modest attempt...
    thank you..

    comments invited...
  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Wrong link!!??
  3. kaush

    kaush New Member

  4. kaush

    kaush New Member

    friends, please comment on the song. whether it's bad, worse, worst or good or whatever, coz m just a beginner..
    comments would be of help..
    thank u...

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