The IGT Soundtrack Covers Contest

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    Hello all,

    Due to increasing boredom and activity in the ChitChat Lounge or decreased activity in the forums that matter, we, the adminstrative team have decided to launch an IGT soundtrack covers contest. There will be three judges,
    You cannot dispute the selection of judges. First of all, even before proposing all the rules we need a rough number of participants so we can adjust some logistics accordingly. All those who want to participate just say Yes, in this thread or if for some reason you are retarded and cannot follow instructions, send me a personal message. The last date for entries will be tentative, but i will definitely wait for three days for replies. Once all the participating names have been recieved, then another thread shall be posted with the rules, regulations and information regarding rounds of the competition. Hope y'all have fun mates. Waiting for your replies.

    God bless you,

    EDIT:- Go post your entry on the thread in the soundtrack forum.
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