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  1. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    Hello All,
    I am here to present to you guys something that you might have not seen before. Its a guitar that teaches you All the Chords / Scales / Songs of your favourite artisits complete with a backing track and a also the solos in the songs. It also comes with an instruction package, its like taking lessons from a qualified US teacher.

    Please visit for the guitar and for the softwares lessons songs and stuff.

    Now comming to the point I have one (electric) and i am selling it for a very less price than you see on the website. Have mostly all the softwares (not the one month trials, have paid for the softwares ) and about 20 Songs (also Paid ) with solos, one lesson pack

    The guitar is in mint condition No Scratches at all (In BLACK) you"ll get all the cables and software.

    Just plug it in your computer and start playing better.

    contact me here in the forums or email at [SNIP] I can send the guitar in any place in Pakistan. through TCS new ground service it will reach you within 3 days.
  2. jozko

    jozko Banned

    Awesome!! How effective it is? It might help if you post some clips of you playing it.

    I have an english dictionary with most words but still my english sux. Hope this is good method
  3. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    videos of the guitar..

    Well it is a great tool to get better. The first website i mentioned is down i think for maintainance. it has tons of movies of the fretlight guitar.

    also you can check out the guitar at you tube. search for fretlight guitar and you will find many movies.

    i dont have a movie of it playing my self it as i dont have a movie camera.
    to get you started

    check it out.

  4. jozko

    jozko Banned

    It looks convincing in that video. great concept. I read somewhere of a guitar that tunes itself at push of a button. good use of technology.
    Bakr a post in chit chat forum will get u more hits, best
  5. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    Hello again

    Well the new website for the guitar is and you can check out the new guitars and stuff there.

    And yes i am still selling it and for a very resonable bargain. If interested please send me a message giving all the software and and some songs also.

  6. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    lets cut the crap wots ur demand broder?
  7. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    15000 /- Only With all the software, cables, and about 20 songs bought those alone are worth about 5000/-

    15000 /- final

  8. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    gimme ur contact no
  9. puddleofmud

    puddleofmud Banned

    n where do ya live?
  10. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    Live in Lahore. I guess it can be sent to anywhere in Pak through TCS Ground Not very expensive. no is 03214011326.

  11. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    By the way it has a much professional tone then any available guitar in Pak.and much better playability and action. If interested in checking it out then let me know.

  12. abubakr

    abubakr New Member

    Ok Have one more deal.

    one above mentioned guitar Fretlight Guitar

    One acoustic electric guitar.

    One Behringer 15 watt amp.

    One effect processor Digitech RP 50

    All for 30000/-

    Please reply anyone from Pk.


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