The girl with no name

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    Just a little song about fame and the industry

    There was a girl who had no name
    All she wanted was a little fame
    She had big dreams but no one knew
    And no cared till they came true
    She fought her way up to the top
    The view looked great but she couldn't stop
    She fell into their little game
    And when she came out she was never the same

    She didn't have to pay to see
    The ugly parts were on that stage for free
    And when the curtains closed
    And the stage turned black
    She was all alone
    she couldn't find her way back

    From the start she played her part
    A pop princess with a big heart
    Sing only songs that they approve
    When they say dance you bet she moved
    Fame wasn't at all what she thought it would be
    She wanted to stop but they wouldn't let her leave
    They held her soul in their greedy hands
    And they crushed it when she tried to stand


    Now all she does is mime their words
    And stare into the distance
    Swaying back and forth again
    That makes up her existence
    When she gets home
    she falls into her bed
    She remembers all her dreams
    and how they ripped them all to shreds

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  2. although i have read and witnessed a lot of stories like these but your narration has made the story look fresh ...

    i like your pet name here " such is life" :D

    keep posting
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    damn 10 characters .. :/ thats all i have to say!
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    Avi tak Jitna vi i have seen poetry posts.. They were not poetry but some kind of a joke... Ye waali haaye... boht achi... Keep up the gud wrk....

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