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    dude...the characters next to the numbers which are multiples of 9 (9, 18, 27, etc) are the same

    when u choose a 2 digit no. and add it togetherand then subtract the total from the original number the result is divisible by 9

    say y choose a number with the digit in the 10s place 'x' and the digit in the one's place 'y'

    so the number wud be (10x + y)
    now, add x and y so we get (x + y)
    subtract it from the original no.

    (10x + y) - (x + y)
    = 10x + y - x - y
    = 9x (since y cancels it)

    9x is a mumtiple of 9...
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    wen will da kids grow up ?
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    vini made this thread not too long ago
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    yes u r right
    bt it was my mistake that the topic i hv used was not upto da mark
    and the time when i hv mailed this one i didnt know abt the editing of own post
    sorry for dat
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    kids r growing papaji

    :p: its not like dat u think

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