The Eyes

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  1. ~Bish

    ~Bish The Illusionist

    Hi All,

    No words for this poem...

    My life is an empty book with each page
    waiting for some ink to drop over them..
    My soul is an illusion which makes me feel
    there is still some life left in me to discover..

    Every moment as I crawl towards my destiny
    a strom of surprises wake me up from the dream
    which I am seeing with my eyes open for a long
    and make me realise that when sun sets I will be alone..

    But still god is not merciless as he gave me
    the vision which shows me the worlds most
    beautiful pair of eyes shining like stars in
    the dark sky of my life, giving it a reason to live..

    Like the soldier who is going to die in the battle
    of humanity I shout at my soul to free my body
    Leeches all arround sucking my blood my flesh
    veins are bleeding with my face turning red..

    but still god is not merciless as he gave me..
    the vision which shows me world's most beautiful
    smile, which is a curve like the the vivid arc of a rainbow
    sprays lot of colors on the lifeless painting of my life..

    Destiny plays hide and seek with my emotions..
    sometimes I win sometimes my dumb fate..
    But still she gives me a reason to smile..
    even though all these are just for a while..

    If today god comes and tells me to ask for a wish..
    I will say give me all pains of her life and make her smile..
    Its her smile which is the blood for me and her eyes
    by heartbeats which has keep me alive and make me smile..

    Sincerely I am not a poet who knows how to make
    the fabric of emotions with threads of words..
    No words can describe the charm the essence that
    she brings with her, poerty is just a fake attempt..

    I know when my eyes open it will be dark again..
    all sand slipped of my hands and the fist is void again..
    marks of her feet still keep the beach of my heart warm..
    the glitter of her eyes still make my dreams shine..

  2. nimisha

    nimisha .:Forum Leader:.

    No words for this poem...
  3. ~Bish

    ~Bish The Illusionist

    thanx nimmo.. so sweet of u.. this poem is very close 2 my heart.. and i became a bit emotional after writing this.. I feel personally this is best I have ever written..

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