The easiest version of AADAT....Any1 can play it...The best and most simple and cool

Discussion in 'Pakistani Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by shahmyel, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    :rule: :rock: :rockon:
  2. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    Ya... u can say the easiest... but.. i would like to post another... :)
    last 2 thinnest strings..
  3. Bleeding Guitar

    Bleeding Guitar New Member

    this are sure easy but they won't sound as the original ..

    by the way Baali .. try the hammerthen sliding .. more rocking!!!!

  4. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    baali u have put too much slides.....
    mr.dino , they definately sound original..
    yar i dont understand any other tabs for aadat..they r too difficult
  5. ijlal

    ijlal The B chord

    no buddy......too simple they are..

    and yes try sliding and hammering on the frets ..that would sound great...
  6. zain

    zain New Member

    ok i'll try tooooo
  7. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    try and tell me how did u find them
  8. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Try One From Me



    Hows that ??

    RJ...... :rockon:
  9. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    hey rizaaj..this is posted millions time son igt...
    \plz dont copy and paste
  10. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Okay Sorry yaar

    i dint knew that it had been posted.. actually i m new member here.... i get all of tabs from

    RJ .......................... :rockon:
  11. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    noo problem..
    as u r a new member i forgive u..
    welcome and enjoy ur stay :) ;)
  12. samali

    samali New Member

    hi zain cud u plz temme wat r these tabulatures about
  13. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    are u asking about the SONG !?!

    [SNIP] here the link.... listen to the song#1 Aadat :) in pakistan... ppl call it "Song of the century".
  14. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    yaaa.. it really is song of the century ..great thinking buddy
  15. rizaaj

    rizaaj Forum Leader

    Never heard such before

    Ya Ppl Really, I haven't heard such a cool song before...... its over 6 months now i hav been listening to it... the first time i listened but infact sung it was in our college farewell party and it was the best one i ever sung.... I am a kinda addicted to it..... this song AADAT ROXX !!!!

    RJ :rockon:
  16. Venus

    Venus New Member

    Agreed completely :)
  17. BaAaLi

    BaAaLi New Member

    Ya rite.... I even like atif's Yakeen... well.. u can say.. it is the 1 song I played on ma guitar :) and bheegi yaadein the 2nd 1 :)

  18. Terror

    Terror New Member

    thats gr8 man rock onn... can aany one tell me the pattern of strummin of the chords of jal plzz.......... i mean when we have to strum up and down plzz as soon as possible.. :)
  19. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    yar till now u have not been able to find easy full tabs of AADAT..FULL SONGS TABS..
    can any1 plz provide me wid them..full and easy tabs of aadat
  20. shahmyel

    shahmyel GuRu DaDa

    did anyone listened to the new album of jal....
    yar how is it...

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