the Divine Wrath

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  1. sandil

    sandil New Member

    Hi guys ...

    Some of my thoughts - penned, rather - keyed in :) IGT Rocks :)

    cinq jours and Goodbye people
    We're waiting for a new year

    A sunny day on vacation
    A sandy beach lights the fire of temptation
    in me!

    Holidays! On and on!
    Christmas night was so much fun!
    and now I'm drowned in an ocean of joy
    in me!

    Life is short! Life is great!
    No time to fight or hate!
    Oh Lord ... Thank you again! ... again!

    I feel a tremor far in the sea
    triggers a sense of fear inside of me
    Instinct tells me my time is up!
    All I can do is look up ...

    Destruction has arrived again ...
    The earth has shaken again ...
    The sea has angered again ...

    and the Waves .....
    ... take it all away!
    take it all away! ....

    I run away ...
    ... away from hell
    as the ocean starts to swell
    I feel a wave just above me ...
    I breathe the final breath in me ... in me! ......
    in me! ...

    The new year is here ...
    New beginnings, new plans
    What of the entire clan
    that was lost - to the sea
    to the sea!

    May the Force never anger again!
    May He never inflict such pain!
    The only feeling that fires in me
    is the fear ... of Divine Wrath!

    Take care and be cool :)
  2. tejas

    tejas ..........

    Good one. I wrote one about the same topic, its somewhere on this forum. Anyway, mine was a much more serious account, I liked yours for its simplicity. Good work.
  3. sandil

    sandil New Member

    Thanks :) I saw yours too - was very intense.
  4. Nanda

    Nanda Bassist

    The poem is good but sorry, i felt the mood doesnt go with that of mine. The way i look at the episode is diffrent.

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