The Darkness is coming

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  1. such is life

    such is life New Member

    This is one of my darker musings
    so yeah enjoy? or maybe not

    I’m falling
    Further into despair
    Doesn’t anyone out there even care?

    There must be something wrong with me
    Because nothings ever right
    It’s like everything I do
    Is nonexistent out of sight

    And How am I to deal with?
    All the emotions that I feel
    When I cannot decipher
    Between what is made up
    and is real?

    It gets harder everyday
    To find myself each time
    All my fears and insecurities
    Who am I really?
    What am I really?

    Everywhere I go
    Every face I see
    Non existent
    Nothing more
    never anything more

    Maybe I was born backwards
    Made to love the things we’re meant to hate
    And maybe thats why the things I love
    Never love me

    Or maybe this is the world’s idea
    of a great big cosmic joke
    Well okay
    You got me
    Can it just end now please?
    It was never funny
    And my mind can only take so much
    before it Snaps
    just like a twig

    never the same
    There’s no going back
    Please Don’t make me

    Now I can feel it
    The darkness seeping in through the cracks in the wall like a spirit
    It beckons me and encourages me to fall
    It will catch me have no fear

    When I fall
    Bliss pure bliss
    Then nothing at all
  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Superb :D
    ur writings are inspiring and i like your style

    best line

    When i fall
    Bliss pure bliss
    deep down abyss
  3. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Loved the lines...
    the way you relate seemingly unrelated things..superb!

    BTW is this your idea of an apocalypse?

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