The Bill

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  1. moheet007

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    here's a short poem i wrote some time back on the lokpal bill... i always read it with a kind of a rap flow :p

    The Bill

    We had independance,
    some 60 years gone,
    the country in a mess,
    not one bit on a song.

    A guy, old-school,
    decided to take a stand,
    "Lets take corruption down,
    I have a plan"

    So he decided to shun food,
    he went on a fast,
    gathered up people,
    took the government to task.

    "I hav a proposal,
    no I don't intend to marry,
    sit down n listen to it,
    and u won't be sorry"

    The government said, "Dude!
    We can't pass this,
    if this bill be passed,
    how would we make business?"

    The old guy said,"Bro,
    lets debate this,
    me n u, one on one,
    with the people as witnesses."

    So they argued over the plan,
    just like married couples do,
    Do u love me? You hate me!
    I hate you too.

    And like most married couples,
    they didn't divorce,
    but they wouldn't agree too,
    on what path to course.

    When the change will happen,
    no one can say,
    but whatever bill be passed,
    the common man will pay.
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  2. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    Very nice u should name it..the old man and the bill
  3. moheet007

    moheet007 New Member

    thanks monica....actually i wrote the whole thing up one night in 10 mins flat....never gave too much thought to the title too... :)
  4. monica_decosta

    monica_decosta Active Member

    OOOOoooo ... wow ... just 10 mins thats great !!

    i want to read more of your work ..!!

    keep Posting :D

    (reps addded)
  5. such is life

    such is life New Member

    As soon as you mentioned rap I began rapping this out loud=]
    I loved this poem.
    Especially the ending
    When the change will happen,
    no one can say,
    but whatever bill be passed,
    the common man will pay.

    So chilling and so true
  6. moheet007

    moheet007 New Member

    haha monica, thanks for the reps! i'll surely post more stuff as and when i think it up! :)
    @such is life: dude, i dunno why, but from the moment i wrote it, i read it like a rap song! funny thing!

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