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  1. varmas11

    varmas11 New Member

    hey guys, here's a classic by the beatles on youtube. please watch and rate and comment. hope that you like it. I have a few other videos for your enjoyment on there as well. one is a piano blues improv, another is 'sittin' on the dock of the bay' by otis redding, and another is 'redemption song' by bob marley.

    let me know what you think!

  2. Keoraf

    Keoraf Keyboard Player

    Man you are too good, just enjoyed watcihing your video as i really liked this song, very good performed, keep going man!!!
  3. Diya999

    Diya999 New Member


    You're Amazing!
  4. varmas11

    varmas11 New Member

    thank you both keoraf and diya. hope to post some more covers soon.
  5. imike24

    imike24 New Member

  6. azmanian_devil

    azmanian_devil New Member

    I really liked your piano playing, although your singing is much better on the songs posted on the myspace page. The acapella composition was amazing, I was going to message you about it, but I read your note.

    You've got a very nice soothing voice, especially in songs like One Sweet Life which is my favorite song along with Sweet Little Bird. Great work man, hope to see more of you.

    If you do get the chance, do stop by . thats my band's page, and we're still working on our stuff, there's some rough demos out there.

    keep the faith

  7. varmas11

    varmas11 New Member

    thank you imike and azmanian devil

    azmanian_devil, I agree with you to an extent. I think that I was able to record in a sufficient way for my myspace songs. I'm too soft in the youtube video and that's maybe why it's not as good. I don't think that i sang BADLY, but maybe you could bring me to attention if you notice something specific that needs change other than volume.

    thank you for both your criticism and kind words.

    I did check out your songs. I like your jazzish chords and sort of ambient tone with some reverb and incorporation of the environment that you record in. I think that twinkle twinkle could have a bit stronger vocals so that the melody comes through stronger. the rhythm could maybe be a bit more systematic and exact, but maybe the unexpectedness is what you're going for, so I won't suggest on that matter.

    overall, I think you have nice ideas, but try to give them a little bit more punch and be able to add some more melodic lines or even a vocal line on top. it will help cement their status as songs and not as mere structural ideas or rough, instrumental compositions. I hope that I don't sound too critical. I just wanted to be as honest as I can be and hope to see you improve and climb on to higher heights.

    I will definitely keep you posted with my new projects.

    I plan on releasing a cd in the spring or next year, depending on funds and my parents.
  8. azmanian_devil

    azmanian_devil New Member

    I love it when people are downright honest, and I really respect you for that. Big ups man. About the myspace page, me and my had to put something up there, and for now good recordings we just had structures and mixed up ideas and actually the stuff up there was supposed to be updated a long time back, but then university exams hit, and I'm sure you'd know how that's like, lol. I will definately be letting you know when I update that. As for the twinkle twinkle thing, it was really a joke between us, and we do that sometime when we're bored, until one of my friends put it up.

    As for your Let it Be, you're right, I was careless in listening, it probably is just the volume. Youtube doesn't do it justice!

    Keep up the good work man. I'll try putting some stuff up here sometime.

    keep the faith


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