The Bacardi SONG!!

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  1. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket


    I love this song..

    Be, what you wanna be,

    taking things the way, they come,

    nothing is as nice as finding paradise and

    Sippin' on Bacardi Rum.

    (same as the first para)
    Living live the easy way,
    got your way to let it run,
    nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,
    Sippin' on Bacardi Rum.

    la la la Bacardi Rum,

    la la la Bacardi Rum,

    nothing is as cool as drifting in the sun light,

    Sippin' on Bacardi Rum.

    (the rest of the song goes in the same way)


  2. bjr

    bjr Lady of the Evening

    Isn't the original song "sipping in the summer sun"

    or is the bacardi one the original?

    You should listen to some reggae if you like this.
  3. aniketdave

    aniketdave aniket

    ya you're right.. the original one is sippin in the summer sun by groove connection..
    but this how it used to come in the advertisement for bacardi, back in the days when ads for alcohol were allowed in india..
    the lyrics are pretty much the same except for "sippin in the summer sun" instead of "sippin on bacardi rum"..

    i hvnt tried listening to reggae much..
    which one's do you recommend?

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