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    There are many exerscises on this site and tht all of us know but how to practice these is the most important thing one can learn..
    The following techniques make up a complete system of practicing. Each one accomplishes a different objective, giving you a whole arsnel of weapons to do battle with even the toughest parts. They work well if used in this order. However, after you get a hang of them you can use them seperatly when you feel you need to work on just one aspect of music..

    *isolate the Difficulty
    *Create Variations
    *transition time
    *practice in bursts


    Isolating the difficulty not only means finding the part of the music or lick that is most difficult, but also discovering why is it difficult. Go to the spot you need to improve "seperate the hands". Both your left and right hands must be capable of doing their part without the help of the other hand. (one hand can help to "pull" the other hand through a difficult part)

    ill take an example of the theme of "the flight of a Bumblebee" throughout my tutoriol.

    Start on the offending notes and practice just the left hand part with only hammers and pulls. (for this example assume that the part below is the most difficult part.) Then add notes in both directions.

    Use only left hand..

    h h h p h p h p p h p h p p h

    Then look at the right hand picking. First, you have to make sure you are doing the right picking motion consistantly. Locate a few key notes and determine if they will be downstrokes or upstrokes. As you play, slowly, watch yourself especially on these notes to make sure your picking is correct. (also it might help to exxagerate the size of the picking motion to insure that you are aletrnating consistanly.)

    Make these * ur markers

    * * * *

    d u d u d u d u d u d u d u d u

    TO Be Contd.....

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