the Angel of the Night

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  1. sandil

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    I've been left all alone
    To rot, to cry, and die
    In a twirl of darkness
    Not a single spark of life

    My heart cries for help
    My body screams in pain
    and there's no sign of life
    all my cries - in vain

    Now I know it's time to kiss goodbye
    and fly above wordly heights

    I've hoped there's light at the end
    but then again - this is the end!

    in the midst of the darkness
    I see - a fire - the light!
    it glows and burns and feels so warm
    the Angel of the Night!

    she swoops down on me
    as my soul jumps out to reach
    she picks me up like a bird of prey
    and flies me far away!

    I lived my death tonight
    I'm blinded by the light
    I fly away from the cruel world
    With the Angel of the Night!
  2. smriti

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    hey sandil............................nice one.
  3. sandil

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    thanks :) first commenter !

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