The Accident

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    I wrote this song after watching “The Accident” episode of The Wonder Years, the TV show back in Feb. last year. Last weekend I decided to compose it and recorded the first version of it. Better one is in progress with some potential collaboration with some mates.

    Here is my first audio version of it.


    Also at:

    She lay there still, wrapped in her sheets
    Everyone tried, but she couldn’t sleep
    I know she was hurting deep in her heart
    I watched her cry, I watched her feel
    Pain that was burning, no one could see
    I know she was falling - falling apart

    Holding back tears, longing to say
    Wanted to tell her, “Love I will stay”

    There by her door out in the cold
    Standing and wondering why we let go
    Oh, I remembered when we were one
    Still there she was, girl I once knew
    Deep in her heart, she loved me too
    I knew we’d find our way in the sun

    Though we had grown so far away
    Wish I could tell her, “Love I will stay”

    All through the night, I stood and prayed
    That’s when she saw - standing me there
    Lord, I could feel pain in her eyes
    And with her smile - I know she said
    “Oh I remember love we had shared
    True love’s a feeling - it never dies

    Come take my hand, promise you’ll stay
    Oh, till the stars all fade away.”

    Gautam Dhar
    Written: 10th February 2006
    Composed & Recorded: 3rd February 2007
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    nice lyrics..will listen to it soon. :) is "wonder years" still on air? the last time i watched it on tv was nearly 7-8 years back..anyways iL give song's feedback on ur msg board..reps comin ur way
  3. .:SpY_GaMe:.

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    nice one !!!!reps for sure!~
  4. i'm_not_neo

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    wow...thats truly amazing...the last line is simply excellent.

    "Come take my hand, promise you’ll stay
    Oh, till the stars all fade away.”

    Great work.

    btw,"Just Another Song" was also very good.
  5. folkpoet80

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    Thanks to all of you!!!! Wonder Years is not on, but I have the whole show on DVD.
  6. #iR@


    ur poem reminded me of ma poem that i posted here too... it had the same title THE ACCIDENT... but i must say ur work is surely a job well done! :)
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    Too good man....reps for u

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