Teri Meri - Bodyguard Song Tabs! With Video Lesson!

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    Check video description for tabs.

    I know i am not that great but Please give ur comments ;) And tell me how can i improve... And i have amplified d audio so the sound busts a bit at higher volumes....
  2. You really have to practice a lot... and learn about music scales and music literature.

    Don't you have an acoustic guitar? It makes practice more worthwhile.

    Keep up the practice,
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    Bro, the audio sucks, i know! i amplified it (via a software) and now its all messed up so re-uploading now!!!
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    Reuploaded better version and deleted previous one...
  5. varundbest

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    Reuploaded new version and deleted previous one...
  6. Bro,
    My comment was not about the sound clarity. It was about how you play it.

    You play the notes of DAGA, FGEF.... that correspond to 3rd string 7th fret etc....
    I said you need more practice coz you need to play the tune ,especially in a tutorial video, at a fret position where beginners can play easily.
    Also, the anthra is in the 2nd octave, while the mukhda is played both in the first octave and second octave.. while you have played the entire song only in the second octave.
    Try the mukhda in the lower octave, that is , use the following notes, on the third fourth and fifth strings.


    Essentially, what you are playing is not wrong at all... but when you listen to the song, you will notice that the rahat fateh ali khan saab sings it first in the lower octave, then shifts to a higher octave, comes back to the lower during start of the anthra, then goes up an octave during "kyun khuda tune aisa" part of the anthra.

    The way you play it, you miss that punch of jumping to high pitch (upper octave) in the middle of the anthra.

    You have awesome potential, keep up the good work.
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    Repped for great effort ;) thanks bro
  8. Anytime bro.
    In the end, all that matters is that we become better guitarists.
    Coz I believe, good guitarists are great humans.
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