Tere Bin Tabs

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  1. anirudh123

    anirudh123 New Member

    here are the tere bin tabs from the pic Bas ek Pal

    Tere Bin Main yon kaise Jiya Main yon Kaise jiya tere bin

    ill post the rest later
    H- hammer on
  2. andythelovable

    andythelovable New Member

    ya thetabs are some perfect i feel like there is some thing missing.try it out once again u'll get what i mean to xplan
  3. Demon Guitarist

    Demon Guitarist New Member

    gud work, i'm waiting for more!
  4. harry4_13

    harry4_13 New Member

    can u send me full chords for Tere bin
  5. Ankitad

    Ankitad New Member

    nice wrk dude, post the rest...
  6. rakshit wadhwa

    rakshit wadhwa New Member

    post the rest as soon as possible
  7. ateebshah

    ateebshah New Member

    Hi ,

    That was really very enjoyable playing this part, can u please post whole song soon .... i will be thankful to you ...


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