tere bin by atif ,this song Rockss

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  1. quicklearner

    quicklearner New Member

    hello frnds iam new to IGT community , as ma username suggests iam still a learner ,i have tried to fgure out n recorded the latest song By atif aslam PLZZZ do give me a feedback , tat will b really helpful in improving n learning more.

    the soundclick link is here
  2. arsalankhan

    arsalankhan New Member


    wassup man..heard ur song..did a good job!
    well lets me honest so people can learn from there mistakes..so dont take it as a bad thing..we all r learning..
    ok ur song was good..however, im sure ur not a trained singer..nor am i..but ur vocals were lowering when they did not needed to..and just practice more..as i said, do not take this serious, u r doing a good job..anways, i think i will sing the same song, and u judge mine..i do suck..so judge it however u want to, so i can improve myself..
    thanks a lot
    and keep up the good work
  3. Imranyou2k5

    Imranyou2k5 New Member

    i dont wanna seem harsh at all or mean but i dont think u should sing right now focus on guitar or if u wanna learn singing then go ur voice was totally out sur
  4. quicklearner

    quicklearner New Member

    thnx imran n arsalakhan for ur feedbacks n comments .As i said iam a learner n its jus been 4 months in guitaring for me ,But i really wanna Sing ,iam focussed to tat ,SO PLZ PEOPLE ON IGT JUS SUGGEST ME WHTHER I CAN SING OR WAT .PLz give me the feedback .

    Love ya all
    take care
  5. well...right now just focus on guitaring as imran said...but ya if u want to sing with guitar than practice is the only solution...practice....u will succeed.

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