Tera Mera Pyar Sanam - Bombay Vikings with Falguni - Chords

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  1. Bandbaaja

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    This is the chord structure for the song.

    8 Bars Rest

    / F / F / Bb . Bb7 / Eb . Bb /
    / F / F / Bb . Bb7 / <Eb D C Bb>/ - The last bar is single notes - not chords

    / F . Dm / Bb / Am / Am /
    / Bb / Am . Dm / Eb . Bb / C /

    Female part starts here:
    Play SONG, CROSS parts

    Chorus part start here:
    Play CROSS part

    / F . Dm / Bb . C / - (3 Times)
    / F . Dm / Eb / <Bb A Bb C> / - The last bar is single notes - not chords

    Repeat CROSS - 3 Times
    Repeat BRIDGE to fade out
  2. Bandbaaja

    Bandbaaja Pronounced Band Baaaa Ja

    No replies for this?
    Well if anyone wants the chords to be placed in the lyrics,
    please take the trouble of typing the lyrics and i'll do the honors.

    This song is actually a direct lift of an old Mukesh song which goes as Woh Tere Pyar Ka Gham, but Neeraj has written complete different lyrics for the same.
    I had the opportunity of playing this on stage with them during the MTV IMMIES of 2003/2004.

    But please note that it doesnt mean that my chords are exact!!!!!
    Corrections and additions are welcome
    Jay u listening ;) ??
  3. Subhro

    Subhro Argentina lost :&quot;(

    i like this song a lot...
    nice post this 1 bandbaaja.... :) long time havnt givn reps 2 ya :)
    lets see if it asks me 2 sprd sum :grin:
  4. a2kohale

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    Thanks Bandbaja for the chords!!!

    I had put up the request for this song, but completely forgot about it. Now after 6-7 months heard the song once again and remembered that I had put the request for the chords on IGT. I am posting the lyrics of this song. Please can you align the chords? I know I should hear the song and figure out the timings. But just thought of giving something for the efforts you have taken here.

    your love is like a star 
    shining in my heart 
    lighting up my life 
    its true girl 
    never felt this way before
    I kept wanting more and more
    what would I be without you girl
    You show me the love I've never seen
    you're like an angel from my swest dream 
    you've given me my world,
    I couldnt find on my own girl,
    now I know what love is.....
    Meri sanso se tere pyar ki khushaboo aaye
    tere aane se mere dil pe nikhar aa jaye
    Dil ko tune jo chooa
    Aisa mahesoos hua,
    Jaise sahera main bhi bhoolese 
    ghata chaa jaye
    Tera mera pyar sanam,
    Wada hai kabhi hoga na kam
    Banke dhadkan tu meri janam 
    base dil main mere
    oh my oh my oh my 
    I never wanna here you say goodbye
    How much you mean to me I realise...realise
    call me baby come close, I'm not never gonna let you go
    how much you mean to me do you know
    [1] [2] and [2] repeat and fade [Choras] 

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