telugu songs plz..................

Discussion in 'Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by zee, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. zee

    zee New Member

    hi any one out there have the chords or tabs for the telugu songs from the movie

    arya, happy,okadu super etc etc................ coz there is no forum to search for them
  2. zee

    zee New Member

    guys need help
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  3. Sheerig

    Sheerig New Member

    zee... arrya (feel my love is easy... just use G C D... progressions.. and u can get it... no need of higher chords....
  4. zee

    zee New Member

    thanks i doubted it to be so ok any other songs like E hrithyem from happy
  5. n_withu

    n_withu New Member

    notes for ARYA

    zee i hv lead notes for "feel my love' and will post it soon.
  6. n_withu

    n_withu New Member

    Need lead or chords

    need lead or chords for the song "nalo vunna prema" from "premante edera".
  7. zee

    zee New Member

    sorry i dont have hey ur tabs for arya song plz, post it
  8. vichu

    vichu New Member

  9. vichu

    vichu New Member

  10. vichu

    vichu New Member

  11. zee

    zee New Member

    song plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. pradeey

    pradeey New Member

    Tabs for the song Appudo Ippudo Eppudoooo... from Bommarillu


    This is Pradeep newly joined to IGT...

    I see that some of the people are interested in having the posts for the newly arrived telugu songs...

    If anyone is interested in having the tabs from the movie Bommarillu for the song "Appudo Ippudo Eppudoooo" please do reply.. will post the tabs for you...

  13. sriram385

    sriram385 New Member

    Need tabs for telugu movies...

    please mail tabs at
  14. madhulikaramesh

    madhulikaramesh New Member


    hi this is madhulika ramesh newly joined IGT
  15. madhulikaramesh

    madhulikaramesh New Member


    hi.i need chords for any of the telugu songs .plz do this favour
  16. sneer

    sneer New Member

    if some one wants to post a lyric in telugu

    Please do this

    post it in telugu- it makes a lot of difference. if u dont know how to post in telugu - go to cpy paste ur lyric there it will convert into telugu for u
  17. mehyd

    mehyd New Member

    Telugu songs Tabs and Chords

    Enjoy this happy days song dear friends
    if you need any song , make a request i can prepare tabs and chords.. i will post here.

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  18. n_withu

    n_withu New Member

    strumming for Happy days

    can u pls post the strumming of the song arey arey from Happy days.Thnks in advance.
  19. sandilyaca

    sandilyaca New Member

    hi this is sandilya i need tabs for both apudo ipudo n kannulu terichi kalagantanani

    i need tabs for kannulu terichi kalagantanani
  20. iloveudilin

    iloveudilin New Member

    hi folks

    hey i have searched net for telugu songs tabs and chords. can some one tell me where i can find those or chords for latest movies like jalsa, NV2 AND others

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