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  1. srid

    srid New Member

    Hi,check these out for the telugu song, "Maate Mantram" from seethakokachiluka.please let meknow if they are OK!!

    Maate Mantram
    A D

    Manase Bandhamu
    A D

    Nee Manase nee mamathe mangala vakhyamu
    A D A D A D ?Dm

    Idhi kalyanam Kamaneeyam jeevitham.......
    D Gm D Gm Dm F# Bm

    Thats all I could figure out!!
  2. krissna

    krissna New Member

    hai srid,dis is kriss,4m hyderabad. w ru 4m?dis is my fav new 2chords,after learning it i l play n let u knw hw it is
    n thank u in advance.bye
  3. jimmy700us

    jimmy700us New Member

    u can try also bm in place of D. its sounds better after the last line...

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