Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request

Discussion in 'Telugu Guitar Tabs - Submit or Request' started by chsrinivas123, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. chsrinivas123

    chsrinivas123 New Member

    Can we have a seperate thread for Telugu Guitar tabs instead of having to search in the Tamil guitar tabs forum?
  2. coredump3

    coredump3 New Member

    its a good thing to have separate one but i hardly find people posting telugu stuff here...either they arent here or they dont want to help us :p

    or we should make few threads sticky!
  3. krissna

    krissna New Member

    hai dis is kriss 4m hyd.i am badly in need of telugu a newbe 2dis forum.hope some 1 to cme forward.
  4. ajaykumar.p

    ajaykumar.p New Member

    I too searched a lot of guitar tabs of any telugu songs...its tough to find them anywhere...hope someone start posting some here..
  5. supaero

    supaero New Member

    we need seperate thread for telugu , as it feels difficult to find telugu songs in tamil section
  6. kmadhan

    kmadhan New Member

    Yes please , i agree.
  7. jebinson

    jebinson New Member

    can anyone pls post tab version of this?

    Song: mella mella
    Film: vAzhkkai
    Notes: s r2 g2 m1 p d1 n2 S

    mella mella ennai thottu
    s r g m p m g r

    mannan ? vElaiyE
    g r sn. s n. p.

    kAtrE Oh un pAttE
    n. s p. p. n. s

    Adu Oh vanthAdu
    n.s p. p. n. s

    nee tharAdhathA
    g r s n. sr

    nAn thodAdhathA
    g r s n. sr
  8. prasadsai

    prasadsai New Member

    hi sir this sai iam new learner pl will u guide me.
  9. rama sundeep

    rama sundeep New Member

    req:chords and tabs for karige loga jeevitham from aarya2

    can some one post me tabs and chords for karige loga from aarya2 please......................
  10. satti

    satti New Member


    Request for abhinandana guitar background score chords-- Raja plays for rani ......very melodious tune ..played all throughout the movie in different tempo's

    Could'nt post the link for music as iam newbie..
    a serach on google with keyword-"Raja-plays-guitar-for-Rani1" will give the music link.

    please can any body provides chords for these......

    Thanks in advance....
  11. mahi98

    mahi98 New Member

    yeah i need telugu tabs too plz admin
    telugu tabs plz
  12. 5700freak

    5700freak New Member

    karige loga aarya 2

    the song is in Cm....the intro is an arpeggio on Cm Gm n A#7 us try it out...easy to get it
  13. praveen03ms

    praveen03ms New Member

    I vote for a separate thread for telugu tabs
  14. dranil

    dranil New Member

    please give geetanjili songs guitar tabs
  15. prashanth34

    prashanth34 New Member

    guitar tabs requesting......

    would some one plz post tabs for the song kammani oka korika from the movie chukkalanti abbayi chakkanaina ammaiyi(telugu)

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