Tehelka - Ap Ka Chehra Ap Ka Jalwa Chords

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    Hey folks,
    Here is something simple with which you can impress someone :)

    (C)Aap ka cheh(Em)raa,
    (Em)Aap ka jal(Am)waa,
    (G)Allah hi (F)Allah,
    (G)Maula hi (Em) maula.

    Aankh mein kaa(Em)jal behka beh(Dm)ka,
    Baal mein gaj(G)ra mehka meh(C)ka,
    (C)Ek qayaa(Em)mat aap ka ha(Am)sna,
    (G)Allah hi (F)Allah
    (G)Maula hi (Em) maula.

    I have intentionally excluded the female lines to reduce the volume of words; the female verses follow the same chords as the male verses. And as usual, corrections are welcome.
    Play along with the original song from the movie and get a feel for the strumming pattern. It is not very complicated.

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    heyy.... thanks... i love this song.... thanks so much for posting this... nice chords... if u could also help me find this song some where...thanks
  3. afg_guitarist

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    Been years since I visited this place last. I wanted to correct what I posted back in 2007.

    I was playing along with the track and realized that it sounds better if you stick a Capo on the 1st fret.

    CAPO on 1st fret:
    (C)Aap ka cheh(G)raa,
    Aap ka (Am)jalwaa,
    (G)Allah hi (F)Allah,
    (G)Maula hi (Em) maula.

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