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  1. Harsh Kumar

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    Hey guyz

    This is a common problem
    I can take out the leed of any song within seconds but when it comes to chords i dont know how to find the correct chord. I know all the chords and all the forms and power chords etc but teach me to use the PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ
  2. rabi_sultan

    rabi_sultan <Bulla Ki Jana>

    first clue for a lot of songs is the vocalists and the beat as most chord changes take place on a beat. you can tell this because more often than not the vocalists pitch would also change. for all pop songs as they are very simple in nature you could listen to the bassline as well. for songs with complex basslines it becomes more difficult.
  3. bjr

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    The most important thing for basic pop/rock songs would be to figure out the scale of the song. That you can do by a combination of listening to the bass and lead and playing them and seeing what scale the notes fit into. Once you've got the boils down to 7 chords usually if its a major scale.

    If its C scale:

    C, Dm, Em, F, G or G7, Am, Bm7b5

    Transpose accordingly for other scales. Also, from experience and continous practice you can make out what certain progressions sound like. Eg....when I first heard Melissa from the Allman Brothers or Pal by KK, I knew before I even touched my guitar what the chords were. You sometimes also know what sort of changes come into, Most of Bryan Adams' songs go up by one and a half steps for the bridge. Most of Mark Knopflers leads are based on arpeggios, John McLaughlin is crazy...stuff like that comes with time.

    You have to make a start. What I did was stop using tabs altogether...this forced me to really work on my "ear" and figure things out for myself. That's probably the only way to go.
  4. G guru

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    If you know to play the lead, then it shd not be a prob.

    just try to get the chord which is comming on the lead, like Dm, C, A all chords for dum maro dum.

    and the lead of song can be derieved from playing on the similar frets.

    try to know the chords, will tell u abt the humming later.

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