Teacher's Day - A tribute

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    (Small Speech by me on the teacher's day in my University)

    Actually, I feel, you have a wrong person to talk on the word “teacher.”
    As I am too small to encompass even the idea of it. I still remember those school days when we used to act as teacher’s on the teacher’s day & our teachers used to sit in the class as students. It used to be quiet a fun, but now I realize the importance lies not only in the chair, but actually lies in the values, principles, discipline & finally the support that a teacher gives you.

    He is your worst nightmare in the wards on the round, but a guide for a lifetime outside the wards. And this screwing up, tightening our loose bolts really makes us ready for tomorrow’s war, where rest of the world is ready to tear us down. Here the importance of a teacher really comes in.
    As a child, we used to have someone as the “best teacher”, but now I know that every teacher teaches you something or the other which you maynot realize now, but sometime in your later life, you’ll certainly do.

    “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war…”

    And our teacher makes us ready for the war.
    After completing almost a decade next year in this institute; a SALUTE to all those great people seated here, who have been with me since my Under-graduation till my Post-graduation, who have made me able & worthy stand here.

    Thank you.
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    Wise words :)

    Happy Teachers Day !
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    Thanks for the reply

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