Taree Zameen pe : My recording Kholo-Kholo

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    Updated new recording of Kholo Kholo: My recording Kholo-Kholo

    hi frnds this is my recording of Kholo Kholo from the movie Tarein Zameen Pe..

    this time vocals is by me not by Nikhil :(

    but u know, its a great song for guitarist !!!

    link is


    m sorry for that extremely high note !!!

    yaar....this is very first time i have tried to record with my own voice..so eagerly waiting for ur commnts !!
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  2. paati

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  3. shobhit4friends

    shobhit4friends New Member

    friends i have updated my recording with some additional chords...

    plz check it!!!
  4. paati

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    You didnt fix the bridge part.

    that one goes

    Bsus4/F# Bsus4/G Em G A

    Bsus4/F# Bsus4/G Em G F#11 F#11/G Bsus4 B7

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