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  1. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    anyone knows any tamil guitar tabs? pls.. thank you..
  2. rubz

    rubz New Member

    hi taka6^
    well ... here just a beginning part of song .. i dun have it full
    The best i can do ...

    here it is :
    Nenjei Poopol - Minnale

    Nenjei poopol thuyithuvittaal ,

    Yennai yetho seithu vittaal
  3. skmoorthy13

    skmoorthy13 New Member

    tamil - putham pudhu bhoomi vaendum

    Hope u like this.... awesome song frm Thiruda Thiruda.... A. R. Rehman at his very very best....

    Song: Putham Pudhu Boomi
    Movie: Thiruda Thiruda

    puttham puthu boomi vaeNdum
    D Bm
    nittham oru vaanam vaeNdum
    Bm Em
    thanga mazhai peiya veNdum
    G D
    thamizhil kuyil paada veNdum (3)

    Bm Bm A
    sondha aagayam vendum jodi nilavondru vendum
    Bm G A
    netri vaeRkindra pothu antha nilavil mazhai peiya vendum

    Bm Bm A
    vaNNa viN meengaL vaeNdum malargaL vaay paesa vaeNdum
    Bm G A
    vandu utkaarum poo maelae naan vanthu utkaarum varam vendum

    Bm A Bm G
    pazhamozhi konjum vazhi vidu un arugilae oar idam kodu
    Bm A G
    punnagai engaL thaimozhi endru varam kodu
    Em A D
    boomiyil sila maaRuthal thanai vara vidu

    (puttham puthu boomi...)

    yuttham illatha boomi oru satham illaamal vaeNdum
    maraNam kaaNadha manidha inam
    indha mannil nilai koLLum varam vaeNdum

    panja pasi poakka vaeNdum
    paalaivanam pookka vaeNdum
    shanthi shanthi endra sangeetham
    sugam yaenthi yaenthi vandhu vizha vaeNdum

    poanavai avai poagattum
    vanthavai ini vaazhattum
    dhesathin ellai kodugal avai theerattum

    Also the movie Boys has some amazin songs to play on guitar.... will figure those out soon and post them here when possible... ciao.
    theivangaL indha maNNile vandhu vaazhatum

    (puttham puthu boomi...)
  4. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    are there like new song tabs? like boys? etc.. and are there any tamil tabs sites? thx a million..
  5. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member


    whats ~ in |--1-3-5~9-5-3-1-0-----------|
  6. rubz

    rubz New Member

    ~ means slide from 5th fret to 9th
  7. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    hmm.. i was not aware that some of you are interested in tamil tabs. :think:
  8. rubz

    rubz New Member

    well ... now you know ;)
  9. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    so admin..u have any?
  10. Redalert

    Redalert New Member

    how about staring tamil tabs section??;) thereis obviously deman for it...whadaya say guys?eh...:)
  11. prash_rocks

    prash_rocks Over the Hills & Far Away


    A few more requests and the Admin should start thinking of launching a new section for Tamil tabs :p

    I guess Tamil songs and movies are anyway the third-most popular category in India...:think:
  12. rubz

    rubz New Member

    hey .. i seriously agree wif getting a tamil song tabs started .. so .. if the tamil song tabs is started i m in too ..
  13. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    pls start a tamil tab!!! pls admin.. pls for the sake of us..pls
  14. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    The Porblem here isnt about starting a section for it, its who is going to moderate it. I do not know "tamil" neither do most members, so who will answer to the request and who will moderate it?

    We need somone with indepth knowledge of tamil tabs for starting a "Tamil Tabs Section".
  15. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    what if u dunno tamil.. it doesn't matter.. not that u going to read everything.. its for the members..
  16. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    The question was "who will answer to the request and who will moderate it?"
  17. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    the members can answer the request and i can mod it..
  18. lord_neo

    lord_neo Guest

    You should have atleast 100 posts, for me to consider you for moderatorship. It wouldnt be fair to other members if i made somone with "8" posts a mod.

    You are quite new here, get the hangs of things here first. Both the moderators here are experts at guitars and are able to repond to any query by users here. I havent seen you in action yet...

    As for the tamil tabs section, it would be started when member base hits "1000".
  19. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    any other tabs?
  20. taka6^

    taka6^ New Member

    pls post boys chords

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