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  1. sartar84

    sartar84 New Member

    pls send guitar notes for tamil songs , for pogadhe song of deepavali
  2. sartar84

    sartar84 New Member

    pls send me any of ar rahman songs and ilayraje songs
  3. sartar84

    sartar84 New Member

    don forget to send
  4. subish jose

    subish jose New Member

    pogathe chords

    pls can u send pogathe chords to my email id
  5. bmurali_tvt

    bmurali_tvt New Member


    Pogathe Pogathe… nee irundhal nan iruppen…
    E C#m B E

    pogathe pogathe… nee pirindhal nan erappen
    E C#m B E

    unnodu vazhndha kalangal yaavum kanavai ennai moodudhadi..
    C#m C#m F#m Ab C#m

    yaarendru neeyum ennai paarkumbothu…uyire uyir pogudhadi…
    C#m C#m F#m Ab C#m

    kallarail kooda jannal ondru vaithu.. undhan mugam paarpenadi… (Pogathe)…
    F#m Abm A B



    Kalaindhalum megam athu meendum midhakkum…
    E Eb Abm

    adhu pola thane undhan kadhal enakkum…
    E Eb Abm

    nadaipadhai vilakka kadhal, vidindha udan anaipadharku..
    E C#m Abm E

    neruppalum mudiyadhamma ninaivugalai azhipadharku..
    E C#m Abm E

    unakkaga kathiruppen.. oh oh.. uirodu parthiruppen… oh oh (Pogathe)
    E Abm C#m E Abm C#m

    azhagana neram adhai nee than koduthai..
    E Eb Abm

    azhiyadha sogam adhaiyum nee than koduthai..
    E Eb Abm

    kan thoongum neram parthu kadavul vandhu ponadhu pol..
    E C#m Abm E

    en vazhvil vandhe ponai… yematram thangalaye…
    E C#m Abm E

    penne nee illamal… boologam iruttidhthe.. (Pogathe)
    E Abm C#m E Abm C#m
  6. krishanth

    krishanth New Member

    hi murali,
    dont u think that thr should be some corrections...the song's chords r nt that perfect
  7. balu24682

    balu24682 New Member

    Hai Friends,

    Give any tamil songs guitar notes
  8. nag.koc

    nag.koc New Member

    hey ppl i hav notes for kodakai kala katre from varnam ayiram intro even de whole intro can sum one send me sum other nice tamil songs
  9. kamal122001

    kamal122001 New Member

    hello pls someone help me to find chords for are are sambo from alibaba and nilave vaa from mouna ragam
  10. Thilak85

    Thilak85 New Member

    hey eveyone

    can anyone post the tab notes for "en iniya pon nilave" from the movie "moodu pani"
    Thank you.
  11. kamal122001

    kamal122001 New Member

    please some one help me to find are are sambo tamil song chords
  12. narayanank

    narayanank New Member

  13. subashj

    subashj New Member

    i am new to guitar .. i am practising chords.. can anyone tell me easy songs with tabs for chord practise
  14. chosweet2000

    chosweet2000 New Member

    hi suba
    my little suggestion
    do basic first then can go for a songs.
  15. augur

    augur I love bjr

    Can I get the tamil version of w0h lamhe please..
  16. aadiashu

    aadiashu New Member

    Easy tabs

    Hi i am so new like less than 3 lessons..and a little lost(actuallY alot lost) I VERY WELL NEED TO MOTIVATE MYSELF TO LEARN THE CHORDS...my dear kind souls any of you know of any songs that has the basic chords alone like A B C D E would b gr8
  17. Patch 5

    Patch 5 New Member

    Guitar and Piano western notes for Kartin Mozhy

    I am lookin for western notes for the tamil song titled "Kartin Mozhy" from film Mozhy.

    Can anyone help.

    Patch 5
  18. kamal122001

    kamal122001 New Member

    someone tell me how to play the lead parts of the song nenjukkul peididum maamalai.
  19. gobgally

    gobgally New Member

    can any one send me chords r cord link site for the song
    asai athigam vachu and
    nalam vaala
    from the flim marupadium
  20. dillirajanmd

    dillirajanmd New Member

    Kodai Kaala Kaatre

    Hello Could you please post me the notes for Kodai Kaala Kaatre.

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